The Sicilian Jaunt 16th - 19th December 2010

Ronson & TT250R. 7:30am sailing from Malta to Pozzallo, Sicily

On the snow ploughed road to Geraci Siculo, Sicily

To the west of Santa Caterina Villarmosa. Sicily

Marianopoli Caltanissetta petrol station

End of The Tarmac, near Marianopoli Caltanissetta, Sicily

Priority parking privileges at the Hotel Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily

Acoutrements adjustment, Agrigento, Sicily

View from the Sutera Caltanissetta signpost, Sicily

The Sutera Caltanissetta signpost camera position, Sicily

End of the road, the other side of Sutera Caltanissetta, Sicily

Still there in the morning, outside the Belvedere Hotel, Canicatti, Sicily

Map reading, Agrigento hinterland, Sicily

Map reading, Agrigento hinterland, camera position, Sicily

At one end, Road closed to the Transit

At the other, Road crumbling, proceed with prudence

6:30pm Pozzallo, awaiting the ferry to Malta

DRZ & TTR secured within the ferry

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